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Cast in the name of God, Ye are guilty!! [17 Apr 2005|04:57pm]

Change.... Change is so hard to do. Its like watching tv and thinking how stupid a character is for not seeing exactly what is really going on. Its even worse when you see whats going on and just don't have the courage to do it. I know you can't make everyone happy and even then you can't most people happy. I know what i must do but I don't have the balls, courage, or will power to do them. However, its never black and white. If it was then it would be easy. I just don't know. I wasn't born a son of a bitch I just became one and my guilt over it is lethal. Guilty as charge for so many offenses yet, I believe in redemption. Without it nobody is worthy of anything. I'm just scared and weak. The road to heaven is not an easy one. Perhaps I should say paradise. Nothing is easy especially when there is guilt. The fork in the road is coming and there is going to be pain. Now or later there will be pain, I just don't want to hurt anyone. I'll take the pain, but its just hurting someone else that kills me. Is that weakness, or a lack of courage? I think I already know the answer but I'm even scared of that.
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Femmes for Femmes [31 Jan 2004|03:09pm]


We are looking for plus size women to participate in our website Dynamite Dames! If you’ve got purple hair, no hair, tattoos, piercings, if you’re black white or anything in between……WE WANT YOU!!!

We are striving to be the first adult site dedicated to representing the gorgeous plus sized community to show not only are we sexy, we’re diverse and we are breaking down the beauty boundaries.

Email for more info and application


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Looking for a dress (crossposted everywhere) [28 Aug 2003|12:12am]

Ok I didn't buy it when I saw it and I'm sad. I figure one of you lovely ladies might have bought it and now don't like it.

Torrid had a black cotton sundress with little purple skull and crossbones all over it. Zipped up the back. I need a 3X the 2X was too small across my breasts.

If anyone has it.. I'm willing to trade for it, buy it outright, or keep an eye out for something you'd like for yourself but can't find in your area.

Can anyone help a chick out ??

Kate the Wicked
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[29 Apr 2003|05:20pm]

I've started a new community for Beautiful Plus sized women. If you wanna check it out! bbnonuglies
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[24 Apr 2003|09:26pm]


Thanks to hugs and the rest of the Tech Room party people, and also my partner in Jell-o, who may choose to remain nameless...
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Grace Magazine [25 Mar 2003|05:38pm]

I just got the first copy of a new magazine in the mail - Grace Woman - http://www.gracestyle.com - it looks a lot like Mode did - size positive, fashion, etc.

Really glad there's something new out there to fill the void Mode left behind. I still run across some of my old issues of Mode and re-read them.

For some reason, I was on a mailing list for Grace, and they sent me a free subscription...
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[05 Feb 2003|01:22am]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

Oh God, I totally posted that in the wrong community and didn't even notice until right now and there's nothing I can do about it. Feh...

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[22 Jan 2003|12:18am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i feel the need to post a picture of my friend (maybe more?) nick and me =o)

(sorry for x-posts)
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[20 Jan 2003|11:12pm]

Hey ladies (and random gents). It's me again, your on again-off again member. I guess I realized I liked being part of this community. So, with that, here are a couple of pictures that my exboyfriend took today and yesterday.

mirror image

[Unknown LJ tag]
Read more...Collapse )
It's good to be back...
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My frist posting here [17 Jan 2003|10:22am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

This is my first posting here, though I lurk on many lj communities. I am large, and strangely enough happy. I say strangely because many people seem to feel that if you are larger you can't be happy.

I have a friend, she weighs alittle less than me, but is larger in size (does that make much sense to anyone else). My friend is obessed with getting her size down, and feels that her life will be much better for been a size 10. She gets constant abuse from strangers, called names etc etc, and its really getting to her.

So, my friend booked in for the surgery..:/ I told her how I feel about that, I hate the idea of her doing that, its dangerous, and does not solve the problem, but its what she wants to do, so I am there for her 100%. Recently she posted a survey on her LJ, which I can only assume came from a surgery list/group she is part of. My heart sank when I read down it. This is not a possitive thing, its totaly negative, and scary. I feel that people who go for surgery are mostly fataphobic (if I am wrong, please don't bite my head of). This survey is... is just horrible. Instead of promoting posstive thinking, its just pushing on you that you'll die, that there is something wrong with you.


Sorry. I battle every day with sterotypes. I love been this size, I am healthy, happy and so what if I live 3 years less than a normal sized person. People tend not to understand that fat can be healthy. People tend not to understand that been over weight does not mean that you over eat. I don't over eat, I get plently of exercise (I live on the 3rd floor, so if nothing else I climb stairs every day), I do have an under-active thryod (which though I've been told does contribute to weight problems, is not the issue here... well I probley gained a few stone because of it, but I was large before that), my whole family are large, I mean massive. My great grandmother was burred in a lead coffin, and the carriers had to put her down because the combined weight was just to much. When they put the coffin down it sank into the ground!.. she was a large woman, and what killed her? Smoking did:/ Not weight, but smoking. (I relate that story with pride, its something differrent, and interesting. My great-grandmother was a strong woman, who would take no flack from anyone, and been buried in someone else's grave (because they could not move her) was something she would have done:)

My whole family is large, and it stands to reason that if I am then its genetic, nothing to do with over eating.

Anyway, I have woffled on and on and on, and I guess some of you will be sick of this by the time I've posted it to the LJ commnites.. I love myself. I look in the mirror and 90% of the time I see a beautiful woman standing there, I don't think of myself was overweight, I am GODESS SHAPED!

sad surveyCollapse )

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Cross-Posted [16 Jan 2003|10:20pm]


Taken by, who else, photognome - thank you, sweetheart!
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Need some advice [09 Jan 2003|11:06pm]

OK. Need some opinions. Read more...Collapse )
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Intro post [03 Jan 2003|01:41am]

[ mood | bored ]

(This is cross-posted to a similar community, my apologies to those that are members of both)
Hello all! I was bored out of my mind tonight, so I decided to search for some communities. I stumbled across this one and thought it might be good for my self esteem to join up. I'm 25, I'm from MN, I have 3 kids and wear a size 24 jeans (and their still a bit tight, but I refuse to buy a bigger size until I have to). I grew up a big girl, which royally sucked. I was always taller and bigger than anyone else I went to school with. My self-esteem hit rock bottom and stayed there for quite a few years. Once I ditched that first hubby of mine, I started going out more with friends and such and got my esteem back up to a workable level. A little over a year ago, I had to have emergency surgery to have my gal bladder removed. Due to the 3 months of not being able to move my butt off the couch due to the pain (and a lovely 10" scar), I have gained about 50 lbs. I weigh now more than I ever have and it's taking a serious toll on my esteem. I have an appointment with a surgeon on the 15th to see if I would qualify for the gastric bypass surgery, but for some reason, my subconcious is telling me it won't happen. I have tried numerous diets, with results from only one of them...the Atkins diet. Unfortunately, although the results were awsome, there were way too many undesirable side effects including hair loss, foul body odor, extremely oily skin, constant upset stomach, and the horrid feeling of having no desire to eat because the food you are able to eat is so limited it gets sickening. Not to mention I believe that diet was the last push to my gal bladder failure.
So anyways, enough ranting out of me. I will post pics, but be warned these are fairly old, not showing me at my current weight, but anywhere from 40-80 lbs ago. I have not allowed pictures to be taken of me recently because of my poor image of myself.
pics of me, be gentleCollapse )

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[24 Dec 2002|12:00am]


Merry Christmas Everyone :)
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*knock, knock* is anybody home? [22 Dec 2002|06:30pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Here's some new pics, kiddies. I'm not at home, so I'll post more pics later!

lookie lookieCollapse )

Hope everyone has/had a great holiday season, and Happy New Year. I know I can't wait for this year to be over! ;)


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[16 Dec 2002|06:48pm]

does anyone know where i can get an lj review type thingy done BESIDES ljreview? they gave me one a long time ago when my journal was suckier. i want a new one, and they dont do them again :(
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I've got a theory... [03 Dec 2002|07:31pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

It could be bunnies!....Bunnies aren't just cute like everybody supposes, They've got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses

*pauses* er, oops, wrong thing.

But indeed, I do have a theory.

The question: Why do men go for the shapeless-formless women who lack hips, boobs, an ass, thunder-thighs, etc. Or in an easier concept to grasp, women that weigh less than 140 pounds or less than an amputated leg.

The answer: Because these men have an unconcious desire for men or boys. What is a real woman? A goddess, a woman with the curve of her hip who are more than a handful to handle…but what do society and majority of men fall on their faces for? Pubescent boy-women, or, simply men-women.

Pubescent boy-women definition – a child-like woman having a boyish stature (no hips, boobs, etc) , fairly short, lacking any shape – any shape they may have very well maybe fake such as any sort of transplant; seem very frail, touch and they may crumble, hug and may cause lung failure via rib puncturing lung. (ex: Callista Flockhart, Sarah Michelle Gellar, all of the Sex and the City actresses’, and any other actress for that matter).

Men-women definition – very lilth, lanky, unusually tall, much like the cliché of an alien. ((Ever seen A.I.? That’s them)) Could very well be mistaken for an anorexic man. Normally are anorexic. If seen going to restroom right after eating, realize that they are vomiting up their meal (Same goes with the above definition). One little breeze could topple them over: Warning, if you are one of these, try not to wear heavy packs on your back, or you may never get back up; warning applies for the PBW definition as well. (ex: any model. Think Victoria Secret commercials or some fashion show)

Now that the definitions are finished with, I can continue on with why I say that men have an unconcious desire for men or boys. Simple: They had pedophilia tendencies when they fall for people under the pubescent boy-women category. They crave to touch and be with a frail, hadn’t yet developed, 9 year old boy whose voice hadn’t changed yet type. Considering that’s a ‘no-no’ or they go to jail for such actions, they center their attentions on women such as the examples written above. And because of this, society believes that this is what men want boyish women – when in fact, they want nothing more than the paperboy.

Men who fall under the ‘men-women’ category are just homosexuals still in the closet. They fear the taboo of being gay, so they hide their true selves…instead they go for a woman who could very well be a man if it wasn’t for possible fake transplants and minus the dick. These types crave the touch of a big hand, and a fairly dominant other via height etc. Add calluses and possible strap on, and the men have their dream date.

If a man really was a man they'd go for Mia Tyler instead of Liv Tyler. They'd know that hips are great fun while making love...instead of holding onto a skeleton, or the neighborhood paperboy. They'd know that receiving a hug from someone with more on them than flesh is ten times more comforting and warm.

So there it is folks, in a nutshell. The majority of the male population crave little boys and other men!

I must elaborate on this. I must study these things! This could make a could thesis for psychology. Anywho. This is my theory.

teehee. I have to give credit to Phil, a friend of mine - to whom these ideas were formed, allowing me to writing it and putting it in my own voice.

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[18 Nov 2002|01:20pm]

How's it going in the community kiddies?

Haven't been on here in a while because I am so busy trying to finish up my degree (not that anyone cares).

Oh well, don't wanna bore you guys, just wanted to say hi again.
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new pics [17 Nov 2002|10:09am]

halloween and homecomingCollapse )
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[16 Nov 2002|12:44am]

Hey guys! We need to get this place back up and running. Anyone have any pictures or stories to tell? I miss you guys! ;)

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Anybody out there? [13 Nov 2002|08:02pm]

*cups hands around mouth* Hellllllooooooo?
How is everyone? Nobody writes now that I've joined. I see how it is ;)

What's new people??? Give me something to read about.
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Hey!! [09 Nov 2002|06:27pm]

Hey everyone. My name is Jenna. I'm 20 years old and I have just become a single mommy of the most adorable baby boy: Geoffrey Graham. He was born on October 24th of this year :)

I love conversation, photography, and poetry. All of which are hard to find in the po-dunk town I live in. I work at Barnes and Noble and in a coffee shop near my house.

Now that I have the baby, I'm at home ALL the time. So everyone write me lots :) Hehe. I get REAAAAAALLLLLY lonely.
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[08 Nov 2002|02:18am]

[ mood | weird ]

i'm self conscious. i have no self esteem. after two years of being with a boy who was abusive in every way possible, i pretty much hate myself. i'm now with neil. the love of my life, and yes we are having sex. he is the only person i've ever wanted to have sex with. but i fear that i am ruining it somehow. we've done it roughly 20 times now. our first time was two weeks ago. and every time, it's missionary position. i'm worried that he is bored. also, because of being called fat and disgusting for two years, i'm scared to get on top because my 'gut' will be right there in front of him. or because my legs are too big. or because, the many other 1000s of reasons. this is mostly not even the right community to post this in. but yeah, i'm looking for any advice on how to get over this. thank you :D

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[02 Nov 2002|10:01pm]

sorry everyone i gave you the wrong link, the actual link is right here please join.
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Poll Time! [02 Nov 2002|05:34pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Poll #72442 Weight Issues

What Should Be Done To Increase Awareness Towards Overweight People?

More Overweight People in Movies, TV, etc.

If the answer is "Other" please use the comment feature to say what you think we should do.
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